Friday, October 12, 2012

Veteran Actor Pramod Pawar : The Unsung Hero

Pramod Pawar is a veteran actor of Marathi Theatre and Films. He has been gracing the stage and silver screen with his performance for over a decade.

Pramod Sir finished his schooling from KMS Dr. Shirodkar High School. He was interested in Drama and acting from his school days. Later on , Mr.Pawar completed his Graduation from the prestigious D.G.Ruparel  College ,Matunga. He was also working as an Assistant Manager in Mahanagar Telephone Nigam or MTNL.

The legendary actor Mr.Pramod Pawar has an excellent command over all three languages Marathi, Hindi and English. Mr. Pawar has been a part of many leading plays in Marathi. He has also worked in advertisements.

The  esteemed actor's good  command over Hindi and excellent acting acting skills   has made enabled him to be a major part of  well -known projects both in Hindi and Marathi. Recently, Pramod Pawar Sir  was seen playing a significant role in Balaji Telefilm's ,Hindi Serial , Sarvagun Sampann aired on Imagine

Sarvagun Sampann  was  a tale about the  life of  Lavani dancer Swara ,  Mr. Pawar  shared the screen alongwith veteran actor Nivedita Joshi Saraf  also the wife of well-known actor Ashok Saraf.

He has essayed different characters with perfection and ease. Mr. Pawar has tremendous knowledge and experience which can be   of immense value to the new talents  aspiring to enter the Film and Television industry.

The senior actor Mr. Pramod Pawar is not only a good actor but also a great human being. He constantly  encourages and provides guidance to  new artists.My sister Dipty Gharat  recently got a privelege  to be a part of a project in which Pramod Sir is acting.She got the honour of playing  the veteran actor's daughters role in an upcoming Marathi serial. Pramod Pawar Sir motivated my sister Dipty Gharat to perform well . It was a dream come true for my sister Dipty Gharat to share the screen with the honourable actor Pramod Pawar Sir.

Pramod Pawar Sir is an immensely talented actor who is very supportive  and encouraging . He has  tremendously  contributed to Theatre and Films. Marathisuperstars blogspot Salutes 
Pramod Pawar Sir's accomplishments and wishes him lots of Good Luck in his future projects.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vikram Gokhale : Pole Star Of Bollywood

Dipty Gharat, Nikita Gharat with Vikram Gokhale
Nikita and Dipty Gharat with Sir Vikram Gokhale on the sets 
Mr. Vikram Gokhale is a highly popular and respected name in both Bollywood and Marathi Film World. He is a legendary actor and extremely knowledged person. Vikram Gokhale Sir has woked in many movies in Bollwood and Marathi industry.

He is the son of the seasoned actor Mr. Chandrakant ji Gokhale. Mr. Chandrakant ji Gokhale is an extremely honored and recognised name in the Marathi film World. Mr. Vikram Gokhale is a trained actor and director. He has  mastered his acting skills  under the  able guidance of Mrs. Vijaya Mehta, an ex-director, National School of Drama / Delhi.

Some of his well -known Films are Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam With Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai directed by Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Other films include Tum Bin, Khuda Gawah, Agneepath with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and many more. His character of Commissioner Gaitonde in the same became immortal.

Sir Vikram Gokhale has also worked in a lot of Marathi movies like Kalaat Naklaat, Savarkhed Ek Gaav , Lapandaav and many more. He has also graced the stage with his presence in lot of Marathi Plays like Katha, Kharach Sangayche Tar, Jawai Mazha  Bhala  and recently Barrister.

Mr. Gokhale has acted in a number of  Television serials like Sanjivani, Mera Naam Karegi Roshan, Viruddh etc. In Marathi he has worked in Yaa Sukhano Yaa , Nanda Prem Bhare and many more.

Vikram Gokhale Sir has given more than 35 years to the Film Industry. During  this period of time he has played versatile roles and  has gained varied experience, his views and immense knowledge and experience are significant and a sort of guiding force to young talents in the entertainment industry

I am having the honour of  working with Vikram Sir  in a Marathi serial "Nanda  Prem Bhare" . Vikram Gokhale Sir is a truly a versatile actor and great human being who is very motivating and encouraging . 

He was honoured on the sets of our serial for winning an international award for his immense contribution to the acting and the world of cinema.
Marathisuperstars blogspot Salutes Vikram Gokhale Sir's achievements and wishes him loads of Good Luck in his future projects.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Prithvi Theatre's Dhamaal: An Unforgettable Experience

by Dipty Gharat

Today, after almost 4 years of being in the industry, I still feel butterflies in my stomach. I remember the day when I had gone along with my sister at Prithvi theatre. My sister was harassing me from many months and I finally decided to consent. Aishwarya, my younger sister, was keen on getting in the film industry. Although, I had almost sidelined the ambition, aishi had not given it up at all. Even while she was studying journalism, the thought never went off her mind.

My career was taking a different direction and there was a desperate need to be contented. However, my crest fallen face never followed my brain's commands. Finally, my face regained it's old charm after I read about "Dhamaal" in Prithvi Theater's booklet. Dhamaal was an open forum meant for anyone who had acting, dancing, musical talent. The theme that year was "William Shakespeare". I told Aishwarya about this brilliant opportunity to display our talent. She was of course, overjoyed. All throughout the way we were thinking about a good idea for the play. It had to be something different, entertaining, unique and fun to hold the interest of the audience. Aishi, was thinking about the modern day version of “A Midsummer's Night Dream”. But since, I had given just our names; I was reluctant to involve anyone else.

I didn't want to lose this opportunity by missing out on any rules or guidelines. Therefore, I told her about the constraints. She consented and after having a nice afternoon nap; I woke up with an amazing idea of "Shakespeare meets Eliza Dolittle". I had seen Aishi portray Eliza Dolittle's character with absolute finesse at home. She had immediately fallen in love with My Fair Lady after watching it on DVD and had also downloaded an e-book of Pygmalion.

I narrated this idea to Aishi, she immediately agreed as she was eager to play Eliza in front of the Prithvi theatre audience. So, the responsibility was upon me now to write a captivating script for cracking the audition. I, was, of course going to play Shakespeare. Thus, the process began. It involved doing a lot of research and polishing my sense of humour. In the evening, I went out for shopping with my sister and after a tiresome search involving lots of bargaining we got what we wanted. This all had to be done in a day since, the audition was on the next evening.

We practiced till 3.30 pm at home and then left for Prithvi. There two prominent theatre actors and the Creative Head of Prithvi Theatre, Hidayat Sami took our audition. It was awesome and we received generous praises. "You don't look nervous at all, there is no hint of being a new comer, and you’ll look professional and perfect" this was the compliment given to us by one of the judges. It brought tears in our eyes. It seemed that we had found an oasis in the long dreadful desert. We were asked to watch one show of Dhamaal on the forthcoming Monday. We went home jumping and hopping with excitement.

We watched Dhamaal on Monday and even decided our stage entries. It was spectacular. I remembered it today because those were the Ganpati festival days. Ganpati festival was fast approaching and amidst all those preparations we were practicing our play. We knew Bappa was with us and for the final audition that happened on the third day of Ganpati festival the wishes were granted. We cracked and conquered it. Our victorious smiles brought even more excitement to the festival. Bappa shared a similar smile with us. He had given us the rakhi gift. Our performance was actually scheduled on the Gauri visarjan day but upon our request was postponed on the following Monday.

Our performance received a splendid response. Shashi(Kapoor) uncle exchanged a bright and brimming smile with us. He had watched our performance with utmost attention and was generously laughing at every humourous remark.

The day, the appraisal, the appreciation is still vivid in my eyes. It looks like yesterday. After this splendid performance, my film career began with a big bang. It was of course beginner’s luck. The testing times are still on. After Dhamaal, I got many other opportunities to perform at Prithvi. But the sense of achievement that our first performance gave remains unsurpassed. I think because it denoted a real life example of the famous words from Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist"; "when you want something, entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it".

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ganpat Patil: An Unconventional Superstar

It was a great honor to be a part of the movie “Namdar Mukhyamantri Ganpya Gawde” featuring the legendary actor Ganpat Patil. Me and my sister Aishwarya Gharat had a special role to play in it.

The movie became even closer to our heart because of Mr. Ganpat Patil’s presence. The film was also nominated for the Zee Marathi Awards.

The cinema features another marathi superstar Bharat Jadhav in the lead and has Mr. Patil playing an old generation actor who has not received the pension allotted to him by the Government of Maharashtra.

The veteran actor has acted in popular films like ''Meeth Bhakar'', ''Ram Ram Pavhana'',''Naykinicha Sajja'', ''Thoratanchi Kamala'' and ''Bola Dajiba'' and many more.

Mr. Patil was well known for his ''Nachya'' (mimic) role. He has about 60 films and 16 dramas to his credit.

Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal (ABMCM) honored Ganpat Patil with ''Chitrabhushan'' award in 2006 for his contribution and service to the Marathi film industry. He was also conferred with the Zee Marathi Lifetime Achievement Award.
By Deepti Gharat

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dadasaheb Phalke : Father Of The Indian Film Industry

Dadasaheb Phalke a Marathi Manoos from Trimbakeshwar, Nasik laid the foundation of the Indian Film Industry.He completed his graduation from Sir J J School of Arts,Mumbai and from Kalabhavan,Baroda.

After graduating, in 1910 Dadasaheb saw the screening of "Life of Christ" held at the American Indian Cinema in Mumbai. While watching the film he realised that he had found his purpose of life.

The film " Life of Christ" inspired him to make films on lives of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. His decision to make Hindu mythological films was not due to the religious-minded audience, but because such subjects allowed him to experiment with mystery and miracles.

Dadasaheb Phalke produced about 175 films. Amongst them his most famous films are 'Satyavan Savitri', 'Mohini Bhasmasur' and 'Raja Harishchandra'.

Today the most prestigious award of the Indian Film Industry " the Dadasaheb Phalke Award" is named after him